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The Chevrolet Cruze placed at the top of Cars.com’s “Price to Pump” standings.

Editors of the site analyzed and evaluated five of the leading compact cars that get better than 35 miles per gallon and are priced below $20,000; the Cruze performed just as Chevrolet expected it too.

“With unrelenting gas prices and continued economic uncertainty, our shootout couldn't be timelier in terms of what car shoppers are looking for,” stated Patrick Olsen, editor in chief of Cars.com.

To determine the rankings, staff from Cars.com and USA Today, along with a Chicago family, put the vehicles through tests to emulate everyday mileage they may endure.

Not only does the Cruze top the charts with its fuel-saving capabilities, but it is also comfortable, sleek, and sophisticated.

Retail of the Chevrolet Cruze starts at $16,525 and the car gets 42 miles per gallon(HWY). Who can beat that?

The Chevrolet Camaro is outshining its longtime rival, the Ford Mustang. Chevy's revived classic took the crown from Ford after the Mustang's 24-year long run as the top-selling sports car.

The Camaro has recently made its narrow win in 2010 into blowout by surpassing the Mustang in sales by 33 percent. It's also a point of pride for Chevy that the Ford muscle car is the most traded-in car for the newer Camaro convertible.

Despite the Mustang's "loyal" fan base, the Camaro continues becoming America's favorite sports car while it converts Ford owners into Chevy lovers.

Chevrolet's 'hot hatch' concept from 2010 will likely get produced.

During last year's North American International Auto Show in Detroit Chevrolet took the wraps off of the Aveo RS Concept. The "hot hatch" concept was intended as a design preview of Chevrolet's next generation global B-segment player, but garnered much fanfare for its aggressive design and proposed performance credentials. According to GMI's sources familiar with GM's small car plans, the Aveo RS Concept will survive the name change to Sonic and will likely end up in showrooms next year.

Like the Aveo RS Concept, the Sonic RS is expected to be powered by GM's Ecotec 1.4-liter turbo, making 138 horsepower and 148 pound-feet of torque. On the outside, expect the RS to resemble the Aveo RS Concept as well, including a more aggressive (if that is possible) lower air dam, fog lamps and perhaps even a body kit. Mechanically, expect some minor tweaks as well, mostly to the car's suspension and larger brakes all around.

With demand for the Chevy Volt extended-range electric vehicle running high, Chevrolet is—unsurprisingly—working hard to get more cars to local dealerships in the Volt’s launch markets. But what is a surprise is that many of these Volts aren’t intended for immediate sale—they’re being used as demonstration vehicles designed to introduce new buyers to both the Volt’s new technologies and the rest of the Bowtie Brand’s lineup.

These initial Volt dealers have already taken delivery of more than 550 dedicated Volt demo vehicles, with Chevrolet expecting more than 2,500 U.S. dealers to have at least one such model by the end of 2011.

The Volt is currently available in California, Connecticut, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Texas, Virginia and Washington, D.C., and is slated to reach Delaware, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Oregon, Washington and Hawaii in the third quarter of the year. By the end of 2011, Chevrolet expects to have Volts on the road in all 50 states.

Motorists caught between quick-lube chains' and automakers' guidelines on when to get an oil change may finally catch a break.

The largest chain, Jiffy Lube, is ditching the long-held one-size-fits-all mantra that oil should be changed every 3,000 miles. Instead, it says, franchisees will combine customer information on driving habits and the recommendations from their car's owner's manual for types of driving, from light to "severe," to come up with a specific schedule for that customer.

The system, which uses a kiosk with a computer to access a database of manufacturer guidelines, has been in testing for several months.

The all-new 2013 Chevrolet Malibu achieves new standards in a lot of areas, but perhaps none is as important as this: Leveraging GM’s innovative eAssist “light electrification” technology, the Malibu ECO model is the most fuel-efficient mid-size sedan that Chevy has ever built. The new ’Bu is expected to earn EPA ratings of 26 mpg city and an amazing 38 mpg highway. That’s a better highway fuel-economy performance than offered by some subcompacts—and some hybrids, too.

There’s no secret here, just the hard work of Chevy engineers, who painstakingly designed the Malibu ECO’s exterior to be nearly as aerodynamic as that of the groundbreaking Chevrolet Volt. As just one example of their work, the Malibu ECO will showcase the first use of electronically controlled lower-grille shutters in the mid-size segment. The shutters stay open for improved engine cooling during low speeds or when the car is under a heavy load—such as when it’s traveling uphill—then close at highway speeds to help the Malibu ECO slice through the wind more efficiently.

To help whet customers’ appetites for the all-new 2012 Chevrolet Sonic, Chevy recently unleashed a full portfolio of Z-Spec accessories aimed right at young buyers who are hungry for a large dose of custom cool.

“The new Z-Spec accessories reinforce Sonic’s fun, youthful spirit,” said Rick Scheidt, vice president, Chevrolet marketing. “Customization is particularly important with the customers we believe will gravitate toward the Sonic, and we want to help them make their vehicle look exactly the way they want, as easily as possible.”

One of the bigger mysteries of the auto industry has been how the Chevrolet Impala has managed to survive. It's a little larger than a Chevy Malibu -- just a tad, really -- and it's been a favorite of rental car fleets, not individual buyers.

So imagine the surprise when Chevrolet announced that the next generation of the Impala will be built at the Hamtramck plant, right alongside Malibu and the Chevrolet Volt wonder car. It took Mark Phelan from the Detroit Free Press  to ask the obvious question: Why?

The all-new Chevrolet Cruze—in its 2LT RS trim—took home one of the industry’s most prestigious honors recently, when Chevy’s fuel-sipping compact earned a place on the annual Ward’s 10 Best Interiors list.

According to Ward’s editors:

“The Cruze illustrates clearly how the growing market for economy cars has convinced auto makers that cutting corners in the passenger compartment no longer works. Soft-touch surfaces, high-grade plastics, properly bolstered leather-appointed seats and great attention to noise reduction make the Cruze a wonderful value at $22,910.”